Phineas Samson – 7 months

Phineas has reached his 7 month mark! This past month, he’s crawled around constantly, keeping us quite on our toes about leaving things on the floor. Including dirt; this boy’s not particular about what he puts in his mouth. He’ll try anything once, or ten times. He has been practicing his standing skills, but not on his own yet. Nor has he tried to pull up to standing, though he pulls up to his knees all the time. He nods (but decidedly not for the camera; I’ve tried), says all kinds of sounds, definitely knows his name in English and Spanish, and is starting to really enjoy playing with his bigger siblings.

He enjoys being the center of attention,


dreamily gazing out into the sunset,20150208-IMG_9162

biting faces,20150208-IMG_9167

biting shoulders,



helping with laundry,20150219-IMG_9775

waking up cheerful before anyone else is quite ready to do so,20150220-IMG_9789

being generally adorable,20150220-IMG_9818

clapping (and biting),20150220-IMG_9829


did I mention biting?20150228-IMG_9754

Looks like we have some more teeth coming through, eh?

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2 Responses to Phineas Samson – 7 months

  1. Bonnie Bates says:

    You have such a beautiful family!

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