6 (months) x 8

(c) 2003 Linda Thurwanger

(c) 2003 Linda Thurwanger

(c) 2005 Julia Greer

(c) 2005 Julia Greer

(c) 2006 Julia Greer

(c) 2006 Julia Greer

(c) 2007 Julia Greer

(c) 2007 Julia Greer


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3 Responses to 6 (months) x 8

  1. Oh my word, that is ridiculously cute! You kept the same girl outfit and boy outfit for each! I’m dying over here!

    • Sarah says:

      The whole six month picture thing, including the outfit, was a tradition I came into. My mother in law had all her boys (who fit) in that bunny outfit, which was a purchased gift from her mother in law. It’s polyester knit and will probably still be in the same condition when my grandchildren’s six month photos go up on the wall. When her boys started having children (mostly boys at the time I got married) they had carried on the six month outfit portrait tradition. I had a girl (only the second girl of all the grandkids) and so she made Miriam that red dress. Anyway, I agree, it’s totally fun, and especially seeing the 2 generations of Hodges boys wearing the outfit all on the same wall in her home.

  2. Janke Elliott says:

    What a great idea.Loved seeing this!

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