Phineas Samson – Six Months

Half a year has gone by with this little man. He gained another pound and change (now 18.6). He loves giving hugs and kisses and is mostly a very smiley guy, though a bit less so when teething. He cut two more teeth, bringing the total to four, and started crawling for real about halfway through the month. Funny enough he started sitting without toppling over around the same time. A little out of order, but he’s hitting all the bases! He’s quite adept at getting around and steering himself, which ignites a new concern regarding teaching stair safety! In these situations I usually practice with them so they get the hang of doing it correctly and avoid face-first situations. It’s been a while since we lived anywhere with stairs that didn’t have a way to blockade them, but luckily we have that many more pairs of eyes on him. And there’s always an amazon box around to act as a crib in a pinch. 🙂

tooth #4! 20150205-IMG_8904 20150205-IMG_8906 20150205-IMG_8909 20150205-IMG_8989


I’m outta here…

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