Two with a vengeance.

Linus has really come into his own!

He unrolled almost an entire thing of floss before I could find where the “swooosh, swoosh” sound was coming from.

He got into my closet, and didn’t dump the sorting baskets of my non-hanging clothes, but rather took each item out one by one and flung them everywhere. He also found some jewelry and stayed quite busy putting it into other ‘containers’ for a while.

He takes everything off my bookcase/nightstand and throws it on the floor, several times a day.

He has developed a new high pitched scream that he reserves for after hearing the word “no.”

He just came over to me and literally blew his nose on my pants. (If you hold the tissue to his nose, he sniffs *in*, but somehow he figured out the blowing thing on my clothing.)

I have caught him on the kitchen counters multiple times today.

He is into everything the moment anyone’s back is turned and loves undoing things that were just done.

And this is WITH about 6 additional ‘supervisors’ than I had when Miriam & Jireh were small.

We’re kind of loving (most of) it, actually.  And it keeps us sharp. We were getting way too complacent, obviously.


Edit: apparently the mainstream media has gotten wind of my son’s antics and they are top news:


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