How to break the commandments, by Aggie

We’re reviewing for her first confession and I’ve been laughing quite a bit at Agnes’ responses to my pop quizzes. Here are a few.

First: If someone worshiped… a door. And got down like this (knelt on the floor and bowed down).

Fourth: My parents told me to clean my room but I went to go… color.

Fifth: If I hated someone, because I *really* didn’t like their face. Their face was ugly to me. And their hair was too fluffy.

Eighth: Sorry God for breaking the commandment. I did something that was a commandment. What is the eighth commandment, again?

Tenth: If I went to [names kids across the street]’s house and I said, “I wanted this stuff” so I put it in my pocket.  (Why their house, specifically?) Because they’re my neighbors.


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