Miriam is twelve


Grownups say a lot of things.

When we hear them we kind of scoff to ourselves and can’t imagine ever feeling that way.

You know, like “This too shall pass.” And “You’ll miss these days.”

I’m still getting there with the above phrases, but I’m starting to scoff a little less, because there’s one that I can really relate to right now:

“Don’t blink. They’ll be grown.”

I blinked, and suddenly I have a twelve year old.

I guess it’s time for me to be a grownup.

She’s beautiful, she’s sweet and caring, she’s competent, careful, thoughtful and wise. She’s also silly, gawky and crazy at times. She’s gracious and mature and she really can turn a phrase in a way that makes my jaw drop and heart skip a beat to hear her unique perspective shine through.

This… person is emerging out of the raw materials we had to work with, the experiences she’s had and the training we’ve managed to provide. I see some of myself in there and some of her dad, but it doesn’t account for it all. She’s herself.  On the verge of womanhood. It’s amazing.

I’m excited, and I’m nervous. I have increasingly few years left to have a major influence on her, to really cement our relationship so that my mentorship of her can continue throughout her adult life. I can’t wait to see what she does, but I am ever mindful to enjoy these days as they happen. Because now I know what happens when I blink.

20150108-IMG_6559 20150108-IMG_6575 20150108-IMG_6597 20150108-IMG_6598 20150108-IMG_6592

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  1. Beautiful. The pictures. Your words.

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