Phineas – 4 months

Eventful month for Phineas! He cut 2 bottom teeth, and one day last week rolled over for the first time both directions. He grabs things and interestedly pulls them to his face. He constantly tries to curl himself into a sitting position. He can easily sit when propped up and lasts upright for a few good minutes before toppling over.  He is a very friendly baby and interacts with strangers who talk to him, offering smiles generously.  He weighed 17.8 lbs yesterday and is very long. I had to get the clothes bins out yet again to put him in 12 month size clothing as he outgrew most of the 9 month stuff already.

We love this baby!! Can’t believe how quickly he is growing.


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1 Response to Phineas – 4 months

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely update!!!
    Can’t wait to meet him and be on the receiving end of one of his beautiful smiles:-)

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