Søren is 9

My first son. He was alone in a sea of sisters until about two years ago and he now has two baby brothers that he plays with and cares for tenderly. He’s smart, silly, and extremely handy. This guy is well loved. I’d say he always receives the most handmade presents from siblings out of any of the children, possibly because he appreciates them the most too. He is a ringleader for outdoor activities  like making forts or riding scooters, and indoor activities like sneaking snacks after hours and leaving evidence of the capers in dark corners of the garage or under his bed. After he received his birthday gift of a bike, unbeknownst to anyone he smuggled it in the van before church and was discovered riding it around the parking lot after Mass. He still wears play clothes under his church clothes so he doesn’t need to waste a second getting comfortable. He is usually the one it takes the longest to find when it’s time to leave a place. He is doing so well to keep a cheerful attitude when given tasks and chores, and learning and growing into a fine young man.

Happy 9th birthday, my first and special son! We love you and are so proud of you every day.

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1 Response to Søren is 9

  1. eastwestfarm says:

    That last photo absolutely melts my heart.

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