Phineas Samson – one month old

It’s already been one month since this sweet boy has joined our family! While it went so quickly, he’s already firmly entrenched in our lives and hearts. He’s put on over two pounds in his first month, and now smiles responsively (see ceiling fan conversation, last row). He loves to be held, and happily, there are many of us willing to oblige. Now if I could just get him to be happy in a carrier so my hands could be free, I’d be in business!!

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1 Response to Phineas Samson – one month old

  1. Kerri says:

    Oh my goodness! He can hold up his head already!!???!!!! My kids are sooooooo late with that. But then again, they have huge heads. He is amazing, and looks like he is not lacking in the attention department 🙂 People would get worried for my younger children…you know, since there are so many children, they are afraid they will not get enough attention. What?!? Clearly these people have NEVER been around a large family. In our family I just realized this month that I actually *need* to teach my boys how to spend time *alone*. Ha, ha!


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