Estella is Four

It’s hard to believe my little peanut is turning four. She’s my tiniest and most precocious, starting at birth where she was a full pound smaller than most of her siblings. Taking after her dad and two tiny great grandmothers, she is affectionately termed ‘the runt’ of the family and it makes her extensive vocabulary and excellent grammar even funnier. So has the fact that it took her about 3 years to grow any hair at all. Finally in her fourth year she started getting some beautiful wavy locks.

Estella has lit up our lives with her sweet, hilarious and witty presence and we can’t imagine life without her! Now for some pictures.

About an hour old, following a pleasant and relaxed home birth! IMG_0218

Six months old!


First birthday


Age 2



Holding her new baby brother


Age 320130721-IMG_4539

Fermenting like a pro


Being sweet and gorgeous20140611-IMG_5536

Happy fourth birthday, Estella!

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