Stocking up

So… I wanted to make some freezer meals for after baby is born and decided to go to the grocery store one last time to gather all my ingredients and make sure we had plenty of easy meals, etc.

Of course, with all the shopping, I was too exhausted to cook anything when I got home – even dinner.

Oh, and the receipt was longer than I was.



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3 Responses to Stocking up

  1. eversocraftymom says:

    Is that a record for longest receipt? What freezer meals do you like to make?

  2. Sarah says:

    working on three – ree drummond’s white chicken enchiladas, also beef enchiladas with red sauce (mom’s recipe), and stuffed cabbage leaves. 2 big foil trays of each. Probably a couple more glass trays of the chicken. I got the cabbage rolls done and the other ones started but i’m exhausted now… hopefully will get to a stopping point tonight and finish them tomorrow!

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