Sojourners: Some thoughts on moving

We are moving!



(Just a local move, having outgrown our current situation a little while back.)

We’ve been besieged over the years with little nuisances in this old house, starting with the general ugliness (which I didn’t notice until I started getting more interested in photography), moving on to general pestilence (mice, roaches, roof rats, ants) and general breakage (faucets, doors, appliances, counter tiles, pipes).

Lately we’ve been dealing with ants, the tiny ones that don’t eat sugar but just mill in a seemingly aimless way about the countertop. They started living in the broken tiles/ rotting grout of the kitchen. So we had our eco-friendly pest control people come take care of it. They put out some bait that the ants were to take back to the queen and kill the colony. Only they just kept getting more populous in my sink and counters. The pest control people came back and put out larger bait quantities. Now they’re all over the kitchen, plus in the bathroom and sometimes I find them crawling on me in my bedroom.

The thing I noticed is this. Ever since we decided we were moving, every little thing that goes wrong now, I mentally shrug it off. “Ah well. We won’t be here much longer! *Light laughter* This won’t be my problem anymore.”

But… it’s the same problem I had last week when I didn’t know we were moving. It seemed such a bigger deal, then. So much more weight these tiny ants pulled, to burden me so.

So it occurred to me that this is maybe how we’re meant to face the trials of this life. We are supposed to be in the world but not of it – supposed to have some level of detachment from the material goods, albeit we’re allowed and encouraged to enjoy God’s good gifts. Even so, I can see how a general attitude of “This is not my final destination” would be a helpful one to adopt more globally in my life.

** We interrupt this message so that I can go yell at my children over something that in the grand scheme of things is trivial, completely ignoring my own words and inspirational message.**

Ahem. Well. Now.  Where was I?

So, the 1 year old gets a bloody lip due to inconsiderate 6 year old behavior, at the same moment that I realize that four things I’d literally just finished doing have been undone again while I was hard at work elsewhere?

I could act like it’s the end of the world. Scream out orders and accusations, lose my voice. Cause my husband to come upstairs wondering what happened.


Or I could just breathe. Shake it off. Maybe even laugh. This is not my final destination. They won’t always be so young. This doesn’t affect anyone’s eternal soul (except maybe mine, depending on my reaction).


I can shrug it off.  I can forbear with others in love. I can distinguish between what’s important, eternal, final,  and what’s just temporary.

Maybe I’ll remember next time.

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3 Responses to Sojourners: Some thoughts on moving

  1. Miss Sherri says:

    Sweet Sarah…. All are moments in eternity. Enjoy!

    Miss Sherri

  2. Bacons says:

    Love this blog entry! Enjoyed getting updated on your life! Keep in touch. Miss you guys!

  3. Jennifer Newsom Csontos says:

    I love this. Thank you. Just what I needed to read today.
    Jennifer Newsom Csontos

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