Miriam turns 11

My oldest is eleven!


There are times when I look at her and see a sweet, innocent child, one who loves to run outside and jump on the trampoline, or curl up with a good book. Yet more and more often I see a glimpse of a young lady, one who is learning to be wise, charming, and nurturing. She is so good with the littlest ones and many of my friends with toddlers have come to appreciate this. She genuinely likes little kids and I love that she isn’t above playing with them. As I’ve mentioned before, this oldest gig has some down sides. Always breaking new ground and spending a lot of time finding my footing as a parent of this new stage of life.

She’s very sensitive and it makes me see that I am not done growing and maturing myself, as I find myself often relating to the children as a bigger sibling rather than a parent (old habits die hard, I guess) and I really need to work on my personal self control in order to model godly womanhood to this sweet child who soaks it all in. I feel like I’m running out of time, as 18 is really not all that far away! But God’s grace is apparent especially in my weakness.

Happy birthday to my amazing eldest daughter: my helper extraordinaire, competent and diligent worker, loving and spirited girl. May this year bring you much growth in wisdom, womanliness and godliness and may the lessons be sweet and easy.


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2 Responses to Miriam turns 11

  1. connieagray says:

    Happy birthday to her from Minnesota!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday M!
    This last pic shows her likeness with Linus.

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