Christina Epiphany is Seven

My Bean. She is, in general, the quietest of my children and happiest to occupy herself with her imagination.

She could easily be the silliest and loves to make faces and think of ridiculous “what if” scenarios.

I have always had trouble saying no to those big brown eyes. Luckily she doesn’t ask for much.

She’s never happier than gathering acorns, sticks, berries, or leaves.

She’s a sensitive soul, too, and feels things sharply.  20131101-SFH_6784-Edit (2)

This is how I picture her. So open to life and imagination. So sweet and innocent and lovely. FairyChristina

Happy birthday, my beautiful Bean. May you always keep your innocence and love for life. It helps us all to be better people.

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4 Responses to Christina Epiphany is Seven

  1. Aunt Carol says:

    Happy birthday to the only Hodges child I had the privilege of cuddling as a baby – I still remember well her joyfully bouncing at being addressed by name, even by a stranger like me.

  2. Happy birthday, Christina! With her birthday here, that means my boy is turning seven in about a week!

  3. Kerri says:

    What a beautiful girl! Love her personality! I think it is always so amazing that we are blessed with children that are really and truly unique!

    May her year be wonderfully blessed!


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