Soren is 8

Soren is 8 today! All the kids had a chance to shop for him and were so excited to present their gifts.

My handsome birthday boy20131015-SFH_4202

The apple pie brigade. Christina really wanted to make him an apple pie for his birthday.



Duct tape heart. Perfect for a brother’s present, I say.20131015-SFH_4204


Receiving gifts graciously20131015-SFH_4224 20131015-SFH_4235


Estella gave him magic fingerpaints20131015-SFH_4243

Agnes gave him way too many things to count, all wrapped intricately and taped with pink leopard print duct tape. Some of the items were a rock “Oh, wow, that’s a beautiful rock!” and one of Soren’s own cars “Wow, thanks Agnes! I haven’t seen that in like, a month!” And several elaborate cards with cutouts and drawings.

20131015-SFH_4250 20131015-SFH_4253

And the grand finale, a box of fruit leather all his own. His reaction speaks for itself.20131015-SFH_4273 20131015-SFH_4281
From Christina, a sponge bob activity book and markers.


Miriam’s rebus card20131015-SFH_4295

AND it was a popup!


Soren was quite excited to receive the hat she gave him.

20131015-SFH_4313 20131015-SFH_4316 20131015-SFH_4322


Jireh reading her card20131015-SFH_4335  20131015-SFH_4389

Everyone antsy to laugh when Soren opened…20131015-SFH_4342

A giant “cereal” bowl. (It’s the same type of bowl as we have for the kids’ cereal, only it’s a serving size. Jireh thought it would be hilarious to give it to him as a cereal bowl that would fit an entire box of cereal.) 20131015-SFH_4351 20131015-SFH_4374 20131015-SFH_4386

Brothers and buds 20131015-SFH_4410

Cousins 20131015-SFH_4420


All in all it was a great birthday and the apple pie was eaten to the last crumb before I could get a picture of the finished product.  Happy birthday, my first son and wonderful helper with a sweet spirit, willing hands and a loving heart.

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2 Responses to Soren is 8

  1. sheila0405 says:

    Every photo was wonderful. Your children are such a blessing. You must be proud. Happy Birthday, Soren!

  2. Esther says:

    I love this! They are so sweet and happy. What great gift ideas – esp. the cereal bowl. 🙂

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