Jireh is nine


It’s hard to believe this girl is nine years old: my second born, my nonstop talker, my most bookish bookworm. She is the only one of seven who looks just like her daddy, thus her nickname from him, “Scandinavian.” She’s also my only light-eyed child.

A straight-haired version of “the girl with the curl,” Jireh is the epitome of a term coined by an old friend of mine: “endearritating.”   Combine such an energetic spirit with a neverending stream of things to say, a great love of her own voice, a fidgety disposition, a great desire to be useful and a quick temper and you will easily see how that works out.

Our Jireh Constance. We surely couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Thank God for this beautiful blessing. I know the next nine years will fly by quicker than the first, but despite the wistfulness I’ll feel for these too-brief days of childhood (though not her toddler years – oof! such irrepressible messes and emotions), I have confidence that she will continue to become a beautiful and godly young woman, and I am so excited to continue getting to know her.


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One Response to Jireh is nine

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    Such a lovely young lady!

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