“It’s finally fun to have a brother”

Soren waited seven years for a brother.

Soren and Dave rejoice at the new member to their ranks.

Soren and Dave rejoice at the new member to their ranks.

Of course, he loved him immediately.

"Playing" with newborn Linus

“Playing” with newborn Linus

He started right away putting them in matching outfits.

IMG_7884 IMG_8676 IMG_9262

But there wasn’t a lot of brotherly give-and-take involved.

Today he came to me very excited and told me he’d made up a game that Linus could play with him. Linus would alternate tapping Soren’s one knee or the other and Soren would move that knee up and down. Then they do some version of “slap my hand” where there is a winner and loser.

“Mom, come look at our game! It’s finally fun to have a brother!”



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4 Responses to “It’s finally fun to have a brother”

  1. Last year when my oldest son as 18 and youngest son was seven and their favorite game involved the oldest swinging the youngest upside down by the ankles and shaking him. Jack would scream and scream and then beg him to do it again. Now Joey is at college and Jack misses their special game. It gets better and better, so tell Soren!

  2. sheila0405 says:

    You do realize, right?, how blessed you are? I pray more Catholic families follow your lead and have lots of children. We need strong Catholic families now more than ever. Too bad I didn’t become a Catholic myself until age 49, after I had my tubes tied.

  3. Kerri says:

    This is just so precious! I love the matching outfits. We had the long awaited anticipation of waiting for a brother. I remember my oldest, a girl, was very, very disappointed when we found out number 3 was a girl (she was the only one we found the gender out beforehand, which I suppose gave number 1 some time to adjust :-)). She was a bit older when number 4 popped out as a girl, but then she was thinking about the unique possibility of being an all girl family (minus dad of course). So by number five, she was cheering for a girl so they could be the all girl family, having our own basketball team, or what not (no we are not into sports, but everyone kept telling us that!) So when number 5 came out to be a boy, well, she got over the idea of being an all girl family real quick. He was really small, and really cute, and no one could think of having had it any other way. Although now that number 5 is 6 years old, they sometimes think differently! Ha, ha.

    I think the brotherly love is very evident between those two. I really think all that waiting has made it more sweet!


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