Baruch Linus – five months old

Hard to believe, but there it is.IMG_9938 IMG_9928 IMG_9921



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3 Responses to Baruch Linus – five months old

  1. Claire says:

    He is quite simply one of the most adorable, pleasant babies I have ever met. And those eyes!

  2. Kerri says:

    Oh, my goodness! The cuteness factor! And your baby can sit at 5 months!? In all seriousness my babies have heads that are too big for them to balance and sit up at such a young age. Either that or they are too wimpy 🙂 Ha, ha. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure.


    • Sarah says:

      My two overdue babies hit all their milestones early. An extra two weeks cooking seems to really push them along!! Though, sitting before five months, I was really as shocked as you are. This kid!!

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