10 years


My oldest child is in her double digits now.

The past ten years of motherhood has gone by way too quickly. I shudder at how fast the next ten will go.

I’ve muddled through so many mistakes, and my Miriam’s always the first guinea pig. She hits every new age first. It’s through trial with her that I gain the experience to navigate the next ones down the line, and so I often think she gets the short end of the stick with the “first pancake syndrome.” She bears it with grace, though, and now that she’s almost a young lady, I foresee working out each new phase of our parent/child relationship together.

Yet for all that, my eldest is beautiful inside and out: a willing helper with a smile on her face (most of the time); a sweet and caring companion for her younger siblings. She is goofy and silly on the one hand, always ready with a laugh — and on the other hand, pensive, thoughtful, and way more mature and competent than her years. She’s sensitive and kind, with a heart of gold.  Always thinking of others, her generosity is inspiring. She is curious about the world, especially the natural sciences. She often astounds me with how beautifully she can turn a phrase. She’s a bookworm, and, like her mother, loves to re-read her favorites.

It makes me panic a little to think that I only have a few years left to help her hammer out those pesky character flaws she has inherited from me… but the graces I have seen in the way the Lord has blessed our oh so very faulty parenting thus far are encouraging.

I am so blessed and thankful to be the mother of this wonderful girl and so excited to see the exceptional woman she is sure to become.

Happy 10th Birthday, Miriam Elin!

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1 Response to 10 years

  1. elaine says:

    Happy Birthday to her! And yes, I have a first born that I have made so so so many mistakes on as I have navigated everything for the first time through him. He will be 10 this summer! I love the dress you sewed for her!

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