Granola recipe (4-year-old version)

So, for some weird reason I’ve been on a keeping-the-house-clean kick lately. Which is completely exhausting, pointless, and never-ending. And did I mention pointless? It involves never letting the mess build up, so you don’t have so much to clean. In the process you just constantly bustle about, quite inefficiently, picking up things, clearing counters and spot mopping the kitchen floor. All for the chance (well, “hope” would be a better word. Or, perhaps, “dream”) to enjoy just one day of your newly-clean home. So that maybe once, just once you don’t have to cry “Why did I even bother?” after somehow, yet again, between the time you began your fatigued post-cleaning shuffle to the couch, and the time you plop down lifelessly, the house has taken on a look very similar to its appearance before you even started.

Anyway. I had had a meltdown due to the (daily) post-lunch help-scatter, mostly because today’s incident involved puddles of soup and upside down bowls on the formerly perfectly-clean floor. The kids felt pretty bad, and cleaned the whole house spotless. I’ll take it.

So I was sitting at my computer, much enjoying the quiet and the knowledge that the house was back to rights. When I next got up, I walked out and smelled cinnamon. I followed the smell to a little girl with her mouth full of something she was QUITE unwilling to spit out, but which she also would not chew or swallow.

Turns out my 4yo Agnes had kindly made her little sister some “cereal.”

Ingredients: Popcorn kernels, coffee beans, steel cut oats, and cinnamon.

The proud chef


The mess was easily cleaned up, and while I couldn’t help being annoyed about the wasted ingredients, I had to be amused. Not sure whether the concoction itself was funnier, or the fact that my 22 month old was dedicated to eating it.

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3 Responses to Granola recipe (4-year-old version)

  1. This is absolutely HYSTERICAL! Half of the ingredients aren’t really edible “as is,” and the fact that your toddler was INSISTENT on eating them (despite how probably tasted AWFUL) is just awesome! I can completely imagine the two of them in cohorts together growing up, planning all sorts of strange and weird experiments, and covering each others backs when something goes wrong (according to Mom’s standards). Watch.out.Mommy!!

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