Second Trimester

My first trimester I wasn’t being lazy. I was very, very busy incubating a human.

Still, I love second trimester. The energy is unmatched.

Just to give you an example, 2 weeks ago I would never have had the day we had today:

After breakfast, I sent the kids to clean out the van.

Then we loaded up and went through a $3 car wash (amazing fun to be had for 6 children for a mere $3, totally worth it every now and then!) and the children all fought over the free vacuum. My van is spotless now.

As a reward we went straight from there to get milkshakes for all.

Then on to the grocery store where we stocked up on a bajillion things. By the time we were going through the line, the kids were not quite misbehaving, but only by absolute vigilant management on my part, which was getting to be pretty exhausting. As luck would have it, we got in the shortest line… behind someone who was trying to pay with coupons and food stamps and there was some issue the cashier was having. They spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what combination of baby food was both subject to the coupons and also eligible for WIC. During this time the cashier did not even look in my direction (nor the manager who was over every two minutes) or let me know she’d be done … soon? never? Just as I was about to change lanes, it was our turn, and I handed her the 2 coupons I had.

I never use coupons. I thought this was because coupons are never for anything useful. Well, that too. But I forgot that the other reason is that they are kind of a hassle. The ones I had today were, one from a company I’d called and complained to, for a free product, and one for greek yogurt that I happened to see while I was browsing the store ad in-store, and it happened to be on my list anyway.

Well, of course she forgot the coupons, so instead of apologizing or even mentioning it to me (and I would have just saved them for next time, honestly), she handed them with my receipt to the bagger with instructions to take us to customer service to get the money back. So now, with two full carts and six very antsy children, I wait in another, completely unnecessary line. Finally we get the few dollars. The bagger asks me, as she tries to walk away, “So… you need help out or are you alright?” Ugh. Of course the bags were packed all wrong, but I’m used to that.

Anyway, got home and unloaded the van and made sure it was just as clean as before, and then into the house to unload groceries. I set the cukes in a bowl of ice water, put up a pot of water for green beans, and parboiled them. Then I let the kids quarter the cukes for pickles and snap the parboiled beans for pickled beans. We got those set up, plus a couple half gallon jars of kidney beans to soak. Then I had Jireh set up some lactofermented salsa (I use the Pioneer Woman’s restaurant salsa recipe, and just add whey and set out on the counter overnight), which she did in the food processor. Meanwhile I boiled water, made sweet tea for kombucha, and set up a new gallon of that. I also set up a new batch of sour cream to culture with a cool room temp culture called Flora Danica  that a blogger friend sent me.

Oh, yeah, and I set up a pot of bone broth with chicken feet and leftover beef bones from our meals.

I had some sirloin steaks pulled out for grilling tonight, and since they were defrosted I seasoned them. Decided to do one hot beef style with tons of crushed red pepper, and one with ginger and soy sauce. I also pulled out some ground beef and as soon as I’m done here I plan to go try a new recipe for beef breakfast sausage. We’ll see how that goes.

I had the children gather mint from the yard help me peel and cut cucumbers for a summery tabbouleh style salad (everything but the bulgur, basically) for dinner tonight. That’s in the fridge marinating. The reason I did that was because I had some parsley from last week’s shop that I hadn’t used up yet.

So, I have to admit I am sitting at my computer feeling pretty much completely fried, but of course, I haven’t really eaten more than what I could grab here or there since this morning, so I guess dinner will help.

On days like this I look around and have to write down all the ridiculous lists of stuff that got done in one day, because otherwise I would never believe it. (“Did I do that?” – Urkel, anyone?) And, of course, in a universe-balances-itself-out kind of way, it helps me feel better for getting nothing much done for the last three months.

Ahem. Except incubating, of course.

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1 Response to Second Trimester

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    Great job. Amazing. I have been feeling so competent lately and it has been niggling at my mind, “Remember, dear, when you’re icubating again, you will sleep all day and the children will run wild . . . “

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