Six on the First – February 2012

Six on the First

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4 Responses to Six on the First – February 2012

  1. Kerri says:

    I’ve only read your blog for a short time now, but from having seen past photos, they are growing like weeds!! 🙂 Just thought I would pop in and say that I decided to make my yogurt as you did in a previous post. I used to do it in a crock pot. The great thing about the crock is that if…er, when, I forgot I was making yogurt nothing was ruined. I had tried the stove top method before, going off of written instructions. For some reason it seemed so overwhelming. Being on GAPS we have to ferment the yogurt for 24 hours and the 8+ hours it took until I could even put my starter into the heated milk (using the crock), was 8 hours too many for my yogurt loving crew. I’ve had great success! I plan making it on the stove top from now on, it actually saves me a bit of time in the long run.


    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for telling me, Kerri! That’s great. Do you happen to use your own goat milk for the yogurt? I have no easy access to good goat milk but I bet it would be good.

  2. Kerri says:

    Once our goats are milking again we will, but for now I have to buy milk from the store. Some people will milk their goats while they are pregnant, but we don’t. I probably would if we gave them a year break inbetween kiddings. But we breed them each year. We should have some baby kids by the end of April, or early May. At least we are hoping to anyways! It can be hard to tell if they are pregnant. It does appear they are getting ‘fatter’, so maybe!

    Is it in the works for you guys to get your own goats? We started keeping goats sooner than expected because our son really needed the goat milk (health issues). It was getting costly to buy it, though I am very thankful we had a supply. So we dove in and bought two goats. Funny though, once they were old enough to breed and have their first kids, my son over came his milk issues!! Haa. ha! That’s ok, it’s much healthier and cheaper to have our own goats.


    • Sarah says:

      We can’t do livestock in our current property (county regs). We can’t wait to get our feet wet with some chickens as soon as we move, and hopefully some milk producing animal as well. We were recently drooling over miniature Jersey cows. 🙂

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