You Know You’re Catholic When…

I was putting spoonfuls of Vitamin C crystals into water for the kids to drink (in hopes of warding off a plague we may have been exposed to) and as we watched the liquid in the glass go from opaque to clear, Jireh (7) asked, “Is it getting absolved?”

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5 Responses to You Know You’re Catholic When…

  1. sheila0405 says:

    That is such a precious story! Looks like she is paying attention…thanks for sharing this!

  2. Sherie Fuchko says:

    Absolved! I love that. Brings to mind my nine year old who asked when I was pregnant if I needed my “eternity pants!”

  3. ann29foot says:

    I just when back to look at my xanga page after 2 years. Your kids are growing so. They are beautiful. My new blog is if you are interested. I like your blog title as I had 9 kids at home at one point. We are down to 3 now.

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