CD Giveaway WINNERS!

Thank you so much for the support of Physick’s CD, especially those who shared on social networking sites. Without further ado, here are the winners:

First winner:

Heather Brown, who said “I really like his style. Definitely not mediocre! “My Wife” was so touching. The guitar, swinging drum beat, and the vocalist hitting the notes right on with a nice jazz feel. So sweet.”

Second winner:

Karen F., who said “I loved “Songs for Friends”. Sweet! I love all the unusual quirky sounds after listening to several samples. Plus combine that with solid lyrics and it’s something I really enjoy. Ok, as I’m typing this I just heard “Small Beginning” what great harmony!”

Third winner:

Zulaika, who said “Oh Sarah I was so scared with that first song, Death is Their Shepherd… LOL Almost gave up on listening but I like the rest the others especially ‘My Kids’. It made me laugh for is so cute but still brings out the good message. I also enjoyed ‘Songs for Friends’ – enjoyed the musical arrangement.
I wish them success!”

Winners, stay tuned for an email so I can get your address and mail your prizes!

If you really wanted a CD and didn’t win this time, you can purchase your own copy here:

Thanks to all who participated. 🙂  And be sure to “like” Physick’s page on Facebook.

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2 Responses to CD Giveaway WINNERS!

  1. so where can I *buy* a copy? I really liked it! 😀

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