Does Anygarden Really Know What Time It Is?

My garden is so weird.

I planted in March. Sprouts came up. They stayed about 6″ tall for about 3 months.

Then in June or July I started watering more. (Like, drowning it daily.) Stuff grew more.

In August I started getting flowers on my tomato plants.

I waited. Nothing happened.

Just more flowers.

I went away for the month of September and when I got back, there were a couple of tiny tomatoes growing.

Now it’s November and my garden tomatoes are going crazy. They’re forming and they’re growing. And we’re getting down to frost temperatures soon. I know I can pick them and they’ll ripen on the counter, but seriously? Why couldn’t this have happened in July like it was supposed to?



There have to be at least a couple of dozen tomatoes now and MORE flowers turning into fruit.

Well, minus one.



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