Homemade mayo

Making mayonnaise at home couldn’t be easier if you have one of those food processors that drips in liquid. It takes just a few minutes. Here’s my recipe.

I put into my food processor:

2 egg yolks at room temp
2-3 tbsp WATER kefir
juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp ground mustard
1/2 tsp pepper
generous pinch salt

Blend it until mixed well.

Then into the processor’s drip hole I pour

1/2 c sunflower oil
1/2 c olive oil

It drips through, makes perfect creamy mayo, and then I taste and adjust seasonings.

I made some tonight for tuna and thought I would have some to save, but it was all used. So make a double batch.

The coolest thing about this is that if you leave it on the counter about 7 hours, the beneficial bacteria in the water kefir have a chance to proliferate. (You could also use live whey, but I’m going dairy free for a while.) This not only improves the nutrition of the mayo, but also makes it last longer than traditional homemade mayo would. This will keep up to 3 months in the fridge.

If it lasts that long.

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1 Response to Homemade mayo

  1. Anna says:

    This looks like the best recipe for homemade mayo I have ever seen! I can’t wait to try.
    Btw I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts from recipes to everyday life, theology, and mishaps (which probably goes under the same category of everyday life…I am 1 behind you, I have 5 children & I’ve found that the min. I think that I have it all under control that is when the worst will happen. I think that God needs me to learn patience more than I thought.) Anyway, thanks for the recipe. 🙂

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