by popular demand

Someone gave Estella some speed or something last night. She was up all night bouncing all over the place, crawling from one side of me to another, pulling my hair, getting off the bed, and coming back to nurse. She did not cry, but I did not sleep.

Then Aggie got up and I noticed it was light out. Got up to see what time it was and she was attempting to make stomach jam. She got into the frozen berries again (and I note, she snipped off the corner of the bag with scissors, like a pro) and followed it with a side of fruit pectin. (?!)

I am sitting on the couch trying to wake up and Agnes goes back to my room and wakes the finally-sleeping Estella, and Christina. The kids are fighting over the baby and of course after enjoying the duel for a moment, baby lunges for me, to get out of the fray, spilling coffee on me.

I gotta start drinking iced coffee or something.

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2 Responses to by popular demand

  1. Oh man, what a ‘lovely’ night and morning!

  2. camilla says:

    LOL. I must meet these kids of yours before they’re all grown up!

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