Good morning, good morning, good morningg

I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting all the little things the kids do to make me laugh and scream. (Often simultaneously. Don’t try it; it is a bit wearing on the throat.) Partly this is due to the repetitive nature of the anecdotes. How many times can you say “This morning the three year old got into the fridge AGAIN” without it getting old, or at least someone recommending you to the insane asylum for expecting anything else, when you haven’t followed his advice on padlocks?

But, there’s a different batch of three and four year olds from when I used to share these stories, and I find myself awake with no notifications on Facebook, so just to keep it real I share with you my morning. I went to sleep in the king size bed with Estella, as usual, and as usual woke up with Estella, Agnes and Christina. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep as soon as I realized the baby wasn’t nursing. She began to play with her sisters. Soon the sisters disappeared and my nose (which was working fine, though my eyelids yet weren’t) indicated to me that she needed some attention.

Took her into the bathroom where I set her on the counter and started my hunt for wipes. In a split second she knocked my tooth powder jar on the floor where the glass shattered against the tile in a million different pieces. I grabbed a towel, spread it over the spot I had to stand, changed the diaper and then set her in the empty bath tub while I went to get dustpan and broom.

Cleaned up the chunks of glass, then took the baby to play with her sisters in the family room while I went over it with a vacuum. This is when I noticed that Agnes had made herself a little something. I both love it and hate it when Agnes gets into the food. I love that she is so capable and it doesn’t occur to her, “Let me whine about this problem I’m having, waiting for someone else to solve it,” but rather she just thinks, “Hey, I’m hungry. What am I going to do about it?” That kind of attitude will serve her well in life, and I applaud it. It’s not so fun for me, though, when she eats my last 8 oz of Haagen Dasz because she thinks it would make a good breakfast. This particular morning, she and Christina were in the family room eating frozen berries out of a bowl. (Oh yes, Agnes is quite civilized. She always uses dinnerware and flatware when she steals food.)

I thought, “This is too much too early,” as I shuffled over to the coffee maker. Then I realized my sweet girls had prepped the coffee for me last night. I did notice in time that the water level was a little high for the amount of beans they ground, so I had to supplement, but it was a welcome realization nevertheless.  I plopped the leftover pot of oatmeal we had saved onto the table for the kitchen scroungers to throw them off the scent of berries, threw a few spoons down and came back here to talk to you.

Now that I’ve told you all that happened even before 8am this fine Saturday, I’ll probably go back to not posting all the silly details for a while. But know that just because I haven’t posted them doesn’t mean my kids are behaving. It just means I’m too busy following the trail they leave to blog about it.

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2 Responses to Good morning, good morning, good morningg

  1. Lori says:

    I’m so relieved to hear how similar our mornings are! LOL!

  2. Rachel says:

    I like hearing the little anecdotes!

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