Trip to the Fire Station

Ever since this incident, it’s been on my list to get down to the fire station and bring some goodies, say hello and have a little field trip.

Today was a good time, so we drew some pictures,

baked some brownies,

and headed down to the local firehouse to deliver our gifts and meet some of the firemen.

We got a tour of the whole facility, and all the kids got a chance to see the inside of the fire truck and even sit in the drivers seat.



They even lowered the ladder to show the kids.

We had a great time! And I’m glad I can finally cross that off my list. Maybe next we’ll see our local sheriff. Can’t hurt to be on a first name basis with the local law enforcement! (Great tip from my sister in law.)



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1 Response to Trip to the Fire Station

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    Very cool field trip, mama.

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