A mind of his own

My son has a mind of his own in every sense.

The standard meaning of this is true of him, in that he clings tenaciously to things he wants to do and is loath to let anything deter him. For instance, he insists on watching anyone who is parked in our driveway, pull out. I get it, we have a pretty crazy driveway 🙂 but he will absolutely NOT come in the house until the person has driven off – be it his dad, a guest, or an internet technician.  “I have to watch him leave!” is his constant refrain. Rain, snow sleet or hail.

When he has to wear church clothes, he insists on wearing a complete outfit underneath it so he can rip off the outer layer the moment we walk in the door.

But the other thing about Soren is the way his mind works. It’s just not like anyone else’s.  There’s a lot of the typical five-year-old questions and figuring out the world that goes on, for sure. One of his favorite questions is “Is it bigger than this house?” Lately he also constantly asks things like: “What does ‘nice‘ mean?” Or “Why is it *called* a ‘garden’?” about every simple word that people say. Which of course can get kind of frustrating if you’re not laughing about it.

Flying Cat

Recently he told Dave he’d figured out what causes the wind. “Really?” Dave said, “So what is it?” (Because we honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if he really did know. Or if he was about to make a joke about passing gas.) Soren replied, “The trees make the wind! Look up there, every time they shake, it’s windy.”

An alien made out of grass and weeds

Today at the grocery store we parked next to that area where you can return shopping carts. Soren said, “Look, it’s an H!” He was looking at the birds eye view and saw that the indentations on both sides formed an H.

We're in jail!

He, like all my kids, sees shapes in his food and all over. They eat their sandwiches into guns and boats and Idaho.

Scissors and sandwich holster

My foster brother noticed that almost all the photos in my “Why Kids Don’t Need Toys” album were of Soren’s making. All week, he kept rescuing a deconstructed cardboard box from the trash can and telling me not to throw out his airplane.

A van made out of baskets and cardboard (there are even separate cardboard seats in back)

Dave is currently learning the Danish language, and he teaches a bit to the kids when he has the chance. Soren actually made a joke in Danish the other day. He has learned the names of the colors, and Dave told him how to make the name for “light” colors such as green – light green by adding a prefix. So Soren thought it would be funny to point to his grey shirt and call it, in Danish, “light black.”

Doll-size airplanes, of course.

It can be challenging to deal with his imagination, since he’s still in the stage where you tell him “Stop playing with your food” and he’ll sincerely say, “I’m not!” because he thinks he’s actually making little people out of cheese and toothpicks, but all in all it’s quite fascinating and fun to have someone with such a radically different perspective on everyday things.

Can’t wait to see what he becomes when he grows up!

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3 Responses to A mind of his own

  1. Rachel says:

    As amusing as this post was to read, I think I’m going to have nightmares from the doll-sized airplanes.

  2. Katherine Lauer says:

    Aw, that’s really sweet. I like hearing all those things about Soren.

  3. ann29foot says:

    I like the play clothes under church clothes. Most of my boys do this too.

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