We have a hole in our bathroom window screen.

Somehow, some wasps bumbled their way in.

Now, we’ve got our own (free and self-maintained) wasp terrarium.


The kids and I have been keeping tabs on the progress of the nest and eggs.

I can’t find any identification sites that show a wasp that looks exactly like ours, but this one comes the closest that I’ve found. It says it’s a kind of paper wasp, which makes sense since those are the ones that are most likely to be found inside houses/ walls.

Anyway, I like this better than an ant farm, since my biggest fear is someone will open and dump it or break it and there will be ants and sand all over my house.

Yay for no-maintenance pets!

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3 Responses to Wasps

  1. Ok Sarah! Guess what we DON’T have in common??? Insect tolerance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes to your wasp family! OOOOhhh I shudder at the idea of allowing such demonstrocity within my walls! Yes. I seriously have a phobia. 🙂

  2. sheila0405 says:

    Except for those like me who are allergic to wasps. Every year we go on a search and destroy mission to rid the house and garage of wasps’ nests!

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