No more breakfast

I don’t particularly like breakfast. Never got excited about breakfast food. Not a big fan of eggs, pancakes, or oatmeal. My husband thinks I’m completely crazy, as he goes to bed thinking about breakfast, whereas I go to bed thinking about coffee. Coffee is usually enough for me until about 9 or 10am when I start feeling ready for something more substantial. (I can’t wait too long after that though or I suddenly feel ready to murder and then the kids say, “Mom, did you forget to eat, again?”)

I also hate getting up in the morning and having to make breakfast first thing because truth be told, I need a few minutes to wake up. And I love my coffee ritual. I’ve tried combining the two activities but I haven’t mastered it.

My kids are breakfast eaters, like my husband. But they’re also breakfast complainers, which didn’t come from him. And some of them are too picky. They like eggs, but it has to be a certain way, not overcooked or undercooked, blah blah. In the meantime, after making all this breakfast and serving it and trying to get the kitchen cleaned up for the day, I usually forget to eat until my blood sugar has plummeted and that just starts the day off horribly.

I got so sick of making breakfast first thing, when I didn’t even want to anyway, and having noses upturned at the effort (not just eggs, but oatmeal, dutch baby, etc). So a couple weeks ago I just quit making them breakfast.

I wake up, I drink my coffee, and then around 9am I make my own breakfast of fried eggs, which I share with Estella. In the meantime, the kids find something to do like draw or play outside. The house is quiet and calm. If someone (Soren) is hungry I point him to leftovers in the fridge. Eventually everyone’s hungry enough to eat what he’s given, and either I or one of the children will start making breakfast for everyone.This morning I made my own eggs which I shared with Estella, and I made Agnes’ eggs. Then Jireh took over and made herself and the other kids (including Agnes again) their breakfasts.

It’s been so much nicer in the mornings! I don’t know what took me so long to figure this out.

But of course, I don’t expect this to work forever. One thing I’ve learned is that “what works for us” is constantly in flux, whether it be sleeping arrangements, naptimes (or lack thereof), chore charts or breakfast. So for now, this is great and everyone’s happy. Who knows what next week will bring. πŸ™‚

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5 Responses to No more breakfast

  1. ann kraeger says:

    Good for you. I have been looked down upon because I don’t make breakfast and I live in a house full of men (gasp!) and they are all huge eaters (double gasp!) They can get their own for heavens sake and leave me to wake up. Now it is just my husband and I and the two youngest and they are grown enough to shift for themselves and it is heaven! My daughter-in-law has the coffee made before I get up and everyone stays out of my way until I have downed my first cup. Even my one-year-old grandson knows to stay away from Nanna until she has had her coffee.

  2. Esther says:

    Go to bed, dream of coffee- check. In the morning sip on said coffee until 10am- check. Eat at about that time- check. Need several minutes to wake up, what you said about blood sugar, etc., etc.- check, check, check. Not being a fan of breakfast foods- um, no check. I love breakfast foods, I just like them at about brunch time. Then I ring for Jeeves.:) On a more useful note, before my husband leaves for work in the am he generally makes a shake for himself consisting primarily of fruit and homemade yogurt. He always makes extra, so when our kids start waking up hungry they can wander into the kitchen and pour themselves some. This tides them over until they get something more substantial. Anyway, just an idea of something your older kids could probably make on their own. I also like to make (in the pm) a big batch of waffles and freeze them, and my kids can just pop them into the microwave or toaster. I am totally impressed w/your kids being able to make eggs! I need to get mine on that.:)

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I agree, it goes easier when the few hungry ones can snack on something early. They seem to choose their own unapproved snacks in the absence of approved ones, anyway, so a little foresight is a good thing. πŸ™‚ Shakes might work. My kids like waffles straight from the freezer (still frozen). πŸ™‚ I just am very ration-y with all food because it’s so hard-earned, both financially and also how long it takes to make it (i sprout my own wheat, dehydrate, grind to flour, etc) and my kids tend to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Still trying to find a balance for that… πŸ™‚

  3. Esther says:

    Yes, I tend to be more ration-y also, but my husband isn’t like that at all. He grew up with 5 other siblings and remembers being hungry A LOT, especially as he got older. He doesn’t want our kids to remember their childhood that way. (Although, they’re not allowed to just graze.) I don’t know the balance either… I try not to dwell on the price too much, but it’s hard not to dwell on all of the work it takes! I guess that’s why (for snacks, etc.) I tend to go for things I didn’t have to make, such as carrots, celery, fruit, nuts, raisins, cheese, applesauce, and so on. I sound a bit work-shy, don’t I?:) I think I may need another cup of coffee.

  4. Our mornings mirror yours. I have made so many changes my kids cant keep up with me! Currently, we(Savannah, Daulton, and I), take turns cooking 4 days a week, and they get their own cereal the other 3. It’s been working well for several months now.

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