A day with Penny

Yesterday morning, I went to throw something away and noticed the trash can was full.

“Yikes! It’s Monday! Trash day!” and sure enough, the trash bin was not at the curb.

So I hustled the trash bag out and put it in the large can and started heading toward the curb when I heard a loud, plaintive and insistent meowing. At first I thought there were cats in the trash can but the volume diminished as I moved toward the curb.

I popped the hood of my van, Oholibus, and Soren looked inside. Sure enough, there was a tiny cat there nestled or stuck behind some  engine stuff.

She was right in there! Behind the whoosit and next to the whatchamacallit.

So Soren took her out and she let him. (We think it was a she, at least.)

Soren fell in love and named her Penny.

The rest of the kids were quite excited about the find, too.

I have to admit she’s a pretty cat.

Holding her and playing with her and catching her and feeding her (she ate out of each of their hands) and giving her milk replaced our chores for the better part of the morning.

They made her a little house with a dish full of milk.

“Look Ma, SouthPAW, get it?”

Thankfully for me (cat allergy), a cat loving friend was able to find a home for her right away. We boxed her up and sent her along with Papi to be delivered to her new home. And there was much sadness at her departure.

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6 Responses to A day with Penny

  1. ASHLEY DREW says:

    What sad little faces! I would have had to do the same thing for the same reason, only I would probably be secretly rejoicing that we didn’t have to keep the cute cuddly creature.

  2. Jennifer Wortman says:


  3. sheila0405 says:

    I grew up with cats. My mom always had 2 or even 3 at a time. Alas, it is my dear hubby who is allergic, so we have no cats, either. Maybe the children can visit Penny from time to time? My heart hurts for their sadness.

  4. sm243 says:

    Sar, how is it that all these animals find you, the one who hates them! And are you sure you’re really allergic? 😉 Penny is a cutie! With those sad faces, it must have been hard to let her go!

  5. Helen Russo says:

    I don’t know Sarah, cats keep getting sent to your house….hmm. Thankfully the cat was extracted from the van before you went anywhere..or the ending might have been different.

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