A little kitchen cheer

I said I wasn’t much for decorating, and I’m not.

But I do like to have things around my space that make me happy.

This is a shot of part of my kitchen wall. I get to see it all day long since I spend much of the day in there. The top cross-stitch was done by my grandmother for whom Estella is named. She passed away when I was two, but somehow having this hanging on my wall makes me feel connected to her.

The bottom painting was done by my mother. It’s simple, on a half a piece of construction paper, but I love it. I spied it last time I visited and begged her to let me take it home. My mom didn’t paint when I was growing up, but she did doodle flowers and leaves. This is such a cheerful little piece, like my mom’s doodles. It makes me smile.

What do you keep around your house that makes you smile when you see it?

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3 Responses to A little kitchen cheer

  1. Amanda says:

    I have the entire text of the KJV Bible printed on one 16.5 x 23.5 poster in (obviously) teeny tiny text. It’s hanging on my laundry room wall so no one knows I’m a printing geek except me. =)

  2. Meghann says:

    Your mom’s painting IS cheerful! So cute!
    Above our desk is a framed picture of St. Expeditus. It is like having a friend gently encourage me to mind my house when I’d rather be on the net. Also, we have a gorgeous gold-plated icon that we got from Fr. Andrew Chura, the priest who told us all about the Byzantine Rite and did so much for us when we were living in Ohio. He died last year, about a month after we reconnected since moving from Ohio. Seeing that icon just gives me loads of happy thoughts and feelings.

  3. sheila0405 says:

    My husband’s mother collected frogs when she was alive. She had several small ones on her refrigerator. My two children loved those frogs and had to take them down to make their “googly eyes” rattle around. When she died, they were the only things I wanted. They now grace my refrigerator, and every time I look at them, I remember how much she loved us, and most especially, how good she was to her grandchildren.

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