Sweet Sixteen

Today marks sixteen years since the evening my husband and I first met.

I’d already heard of Dave a little bit. I was friends with two girls in the Atlanta area, the older of which had a best friend who was dating or engaged to Dave’s brother. The younger sister was in Dave’s high school class. She told stories of how he was a clown and how he liked this other girl at school.

I happened to be in town and attended the baccalaureate service for my friend’s (the younger sister’s) graduating class – a small class of four or five students at this private Christian school. Since the class was so small, all the graduates and their friends (including me) were able to go together to the local Olive Garden to celebrate.

I was young, exuberant and obnoxious, so Dave and I had quite a lot in common right off the bat. We enjoyed each other’s company and gravitated toward each other the whole night. After dinner we went walking around a local park, the group of us, and Dave and I walked together singing some of our favorite hymns (loudly) and having a grand old time. It was enough to make the girl he liked a bit jealous, I hear. πŸ™‚

But the night was soon over, and I was soon back home in New York, and the extent of my consideration of Dave as marriage material at that time consisted in this brief thought: “Nice guy. Too short.”

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7 Responses to Sweet Sixteen

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh Sarah! That made me laugh! Slightly nicer than my first impression of Dan. “Nice guy. Too geeky.” Which in not any better than his first impression of me which was, “Wow, very vain!”

  2. Katherine Lauer says:

    I love it!

  3. camilla says:

    wow, so you guys knew each other a while before getting married! i didn’t know it was that long – that’s awesome (and funny)! i remember my mom, probably when we got your wedding invitation, saying “Sarah always said she wouldn’t marry anyone shorter than she!”. oh well – he’s handsome enough to make up for it. πŸ™‚ good story.

    • Dave Hodges says:

      We had known each other for six years before we saw each other in New York City and ignited the spark. In the interest of thorough academic honesty, it should also be said that the first time Sarah was mentioned to me as marriage material, I just fell on the floor laughing and suddenly remembered a bunch of jewish nose jokes.

  4. Medora says:

    Okay, I’m laughing. so. hard. I imagine these insults still come up as a way of teasing each other? It makes me wonder what will my future hubby think of me when we meet.

    Actually, I don’t care, at the moment.

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