Christina isms

Christina, 4 1/2, has so many adorable turns of phrase that are just slightly off, and I’m loath to correct her. Here are a few of the words in her own language.

“I’m going outside to pick gandylions.”

“Mom, may I please have a pupcake?”

“Agnes is going outside without a shirt on! She’s being embodiced!”

“Can you carry me to the house? I’m potion sick from reading in the car.”

“I like summer because we get to eat honeydew and cantaloaf.”

“I remember playing in the girls’ room when we lived at the repartment.”

One the bridge is falling down, falling down, one the bridge is falling down, my fair lady.”

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5 Responses to Christina isms

  1. Aunt Carol says:

    I’m so glad you’re recording all these; we’ve forgotten most of cute things ours used to say. I do remember Arend asking to wear “mine allovers”, and Aimee, at her 11 month check-up, pointing at the Doctor and asking, “whatzat?” Unfortunately, that’s about all I can remember….

  2. Sue Schieman says:

    These are cute!

    Re: the word loathe, I had to look it up to be sure. I think the adjective you are using is spelled without an “e” and the verb, meaning to hate something, is spelled with the “e” I know you love a good grammar mystery as I do and won’t take offense to my nit-picking : )

  3. Sheila says:

    My little brother, at that age, put things in the “covered” (cupboard) and watched things drop because of the force of “grabbity.” And if you corrected him, he’d tell you he was right! It’s a “covered” because it keeps things covered, and it’s “grabbity” because it grabs things and pulls them down!

    Now I call my son “the force of grabbity.” Because, boy, is that kid grabby.

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