The War in my Gut

by Miriam (age eight)

Once upon a time there were some germs.

There were some on the good side, and some on the bad side.

The ones on the bad side were really evil, and they grew strong when they ate sugar.

Then the good guys came and people kept feeding them good things, like sauerkraut, and cod liver oil, and yogurt, and kombucha.

One day they they were getting weaker and the bad guys were about to win. To defeat them we had to make the good guys stronger!

The good guys are like soldiers in your body. And the bad germs are like enemies. They kill good germs and make a home in your gut and irritate it, which is bad for your immune system.

So you need to eat some good stuff to make the good guys stronger and not eat as much sugar because sugar feeds the bad guys.

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4 Responses to The War in my Gut

  1. sarah mosley says:

    that is awesome.

  2. Katherine Lauer says:

    Ha ha!

  3. elaine says:

    I view it as a war also.

  4. Sue Schieman says:

    She knows more now than a lot of doctors do!!

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