Schooled by the unschooled

There was some seatbelt nefariousness going on behind me and I was choosing to look the other way. Er, straight ahead. I mean, it’s practically a bus I’m driving, and we were going on a 4 minute drive through town.

Jireh: Mom, it’s not safe for her to have her arms out of the shoulder straps. (or whatever it was)

Me: I know, but I’ll make sure everyone is buckled safely before we get on the highway. We’re just driving in the neighborhood right now.

Jireh: Hmm, are you sure this isn’t a main road? It appears there are only businesses on this strip and I would expect a neighborhood to have more people’s houses.

Me: [laughing hysterically] Yes, I suppose it *is* a main road, dear, you’re quite right.


Many people have asked me what-all crazy errands I was running. Here is the rundown of today, mainly because if I don’t write it down I will not remember nor believe that I actually did this today.

– Had coffee. Woke up early. (yes, in that order.) Fed the 3 children who were home and made sure they were dressed and tried to clean up a bit before

-heading out the door to drop Soren off at Mass to meet friends for the day – but not before making myself some fried eggs *to go* on a paper plate which I ate after dropping him off and before leaving the church parking lot on the way to

– go get milk and eggs from the farmer, it’s his delivery day – and I was picking up for 5 families. I got 17 gallons of milk and 14 dozen eggs and loaded them in my van and was ready to

– drop Agnes & Christina at my mother in law’s house, drop off her milk, pick up Miriam to take her to her art class back near my house and talk to the teacher about her work. Then I nursed the baby in the parking lot and while I was in the neighborhood (HA) dropped off some of the milk and eggs with some who’d ordered and left the rest at home. I kept the car running because I only had time to do that before

-running off again to pick up Miriam from class and take her back to my mother in law’s house for the afternoon, because I had an appointment at

– the mechanic’s to try a second time to replace my power steering hose which is leaking, only to find out after being there long enough to drink the yogurt and eat the nuts I brought and do a few crochet stitches on my neverending blanket, that it was the wrong part (again) so they topped off the power steering fluid and sent me on my way, which was to

– the fabric store to pick up a few items for a commission project, and then head back to my mother in law’s to pick up all the girls and take them back through rush hour traffic to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of sprouted grain bread (b/c we haven’t been keeping bread in the house) and then home so we could have toast and smoothies for dinner.

In all I clocked 130 miles and 9 hours away from the house.

I totally gave up on picking up Soren, and he’ll be spending the night with friends, because my power steering was already acting up as I left my MIL’s house and I don’t really think I should be driving it until I can get it fixed. So that will give me a great excuse to STAY HOME for the next few days at least! I definitely need it!

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1 Response to Schooled by the unschooled

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    Crazy, Sarah, just crazy!

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