Party Pooper

ME: We’re going to drop you off at a friend’s tonight to eat dinner and go to bed.
J (6): You mean we’re just going to eat dinner and then go to bed?
Me: Yep.
J: But then we don’t have a chance to play!
Me: Well, you’re not going over there to play this time. You’re going so Mom and Dad get a chance to play. You know, you can’t have *all* the fun. Mom and Dad like to have fun too.
J: You have fun.
Me: Oh really? When?
J: Well, probably when we go to bed at night.
M: Not so much, by that time we’re exhausted from taking care of a million kids all day.
J: Oh yeah, then why are you going out at night? Won’t you be exhausted? Huh?

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2 Responses to Party Pooper

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    John is astonished to have just realized that Chris and I stay up later than the kids. Mary has figured it out too and she doesn’t like it.

    • Sarah says:

      ahahahaha that is so funny how he didn’t realize that! All my kids have known for ever which may be why they REALLY REALLY don’t want to go to bed – all those sanguines terrified they’ll miss some fun! 😀

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