Chapter 1. Miriam.

My sister Beccah kept blinking as I tried to take a photo of her. She remarked how interesting that was, as she was telling a made up story at the time and “you know they say that you blink more when you’re lying.”

A few minutes later she noticed Miriam’s eyes watering as Miriam stared unblinkingly. “Miriam, what’s wrong?”

Miriam: “I’m not trying to stare, I’m just trying to be honest!” 


Chapter 2. Jireh.

Jireh (to Auntie Esther): “I’m a child, and you’re a dolt.”

Esther: “A dolt? Really?”

Jireh: “Yes, a big one.”

Esther [biting her lip so as not to burst out laughing]: “What do you mean? How do you know?”

Jireh: “Well, you’re not a child, and you grew up, so now you’re a dolt.” 


Chapter 3. Soren.

My grandma: “Good morning, Buster, how are you today?”

Soren: “Please don’t call me Buster anymore.”

Grandma: “Well, I guess I could just call you ‘young man,’ that’s what you are.” 

Soren [thinks a moment]: “OK, you can call me Buster.”

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3 Responses to Random

  1. whteroses says:

    All of those are stinkin’ hilarious! Your kids are funny without trying. 

  2. I love it, love it, love it!

  3. ROFL – I so wish I’d kept track of all my dc’s hilarious conversations… DOLT!!!! HaHaHa!!  Thanks for sharing these.

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