Come again?

Miriam was upset at dinner because she wanted oil and salt on her second serving of salad, rather than dressing.

When you have five children eating you must realize that every allowance must be multiplied by five, as the others invariably clamor for the new and exciting, which ends up being a huge production, so we didn’t deem it worth it so late in the meal, and declined her request.

She got quite huffy and pointed to her plain salad and said “Too plain!” and to the dressing and said “Too sour!”

To which Dave replied by pointing to Miriam and saying, “Too picky!” 

I laughed, and said to Dave, “Touché!”

Miriam asked, “What is shay?” 

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1 Response to Come again?

  1. Funny girl! I’ve already figured out the thing about exceptions and sometimes I say ‘no’ only for avoiding a mere TWO exceptions!

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