short term memory

I was about to reprimand Jireh for sitting on the counter (with a bunch of stuff beside her ready to fall off), holding up pages on the calendar and counting, when I vaguely remembered the following exchange:

“Mom, how many days old is Estella?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you count it yourself.”

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4 Responses to short term memory

  1. perelandra30 says:

    I wonder how many brain cells we lose each time we have a child?  It bears thinking about.

  2. @perelandra30 – I wonder if it’s more the having of them, or perhaps the cumulative screaming we try to block out, that causes the brain cell loss. 🙂

  3. perelandra30 says:

    Either way I know after 7 my brain is completely shot.  Memory is a thing of the past.

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