Enjoying the 3s

Typically, four years old is not an age I’m totally in love with, to be perfectly honest. I am soaking up the last few weeks of Christina’s threeness, which I do love. Here are a couple of gems.


She still can’t say her R’s, and I heard her talking to Jireh about a “bwooze.” 

Jireh: “A bwooze?”

Christina: [giggle] “No, a bwooze!”

Jireh: [laughing] “A bwooze?”

Christina: “Not a bwooze! A BWOOZE.”

Jireh: “A bwooze?”

Christina: [still quite good natured] “No, a bwooze, like a wegula (regular) bwooze!”

Jireh: “A bruise?”

Christina: “Yeah, a bwooze!”


And I could die from the cuteness when I overhear her talking to Agnes and she says, “Know what I mean?”  



I knew I’d forgotten one!

I gave a couple of the kids some kefir soda and Christina was apparently telling Soren that she had juice (which I don’t give them). Soren asked me if I’d given Christina juice, and I said “No, it’s kefir soda.” So he turned to Christina and said, “Mommy said you have kefir soda.”

Without missing a beat she said, “Yeah, juice is its nickname. Its real name is kefir soda.”


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3 Responses to Enjoying the 3s

  1. That is so cute! But, hey, what is this about four-year-olds? I have been dragging my way through the threes in hopes that by four they finally start to obey and be reasonable. I mean, I was counting on that.

  2. @tridentinefan – Four definitely has its perks. In many ways I find that age four is the turning point between “on their side” (taking non stop) and “on my side” (giving back – helping, taking care of the younger ones, etc). However, in my experience it comes with a healthy dose of self pity, whining and a sort of technical obedience while flouting the spirit of the law, that generally sets my teeth on edge. But there are many redeeming qualities, never fear. 🙂

  3. @tridentinefan – oh also this is my first “attached’ 4 year old so we shall see if that matters at all!

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