Counting by Twos

I have an even number of children again.

Two down for naps.

Two making a mess.

Two reading on the couch.

Even or odd is a big deal for some people. I know someone who went so far as to “plan” her family based on wanting an even number. Now *that’s* odd. 🙂

I do think there can be a sort of ganging-up mentality when there are odd numbers. It happened with my two sisters and me. There were five of us most of the time growing up (and various fosters and eventually an adoption), but the youngest two were kind of a pair unto themselves, which left me and my sisters to pick one ally at a time. We all love each other, of course, and don’t fight anymore (much). But it’s an interesting idea. Would it have been any different had there been four girls in a row?

I guess I’ll keep an eye on how the dynamic changes based on the pairing up vs. ganging up theory.

For now I’ll just enjoy the cuteness of two by two.

What do you think? Have you noticed a difference in your own families when it changed between odd and even?

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2 Responses to Counting by Twos

  1. I love this series of photos. Siblings sleeping together are precious.

  2. ajniall says:

    That would mean you could have no more children because who knows it you will have two more, lol!!  It is an interesting theory.  WE only had two in my family and we hated each other growing up anyway. 

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