Cousins visit

We had an all too brief visit with my sister, who finally chose ME to visit during her summer vacation week for the first time in eight years. Cousins had a lovely time playing together. Funny thing was, I noticed as they were leaving that they had not needed or asked for any toys the whole week, and I had confiscated all the toys, dolls and blocks days before. They made do with paper and pens, and finding bugs outside! 🙂 We’ll see whether the lack contributes to any unusual mischief when there are no cousins to distract, but I’m thinking the toys are going to stay up for a while!




(Leah wanted to match me so she put on my clothes and a fake belly)



my sister’s beautiful family

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1 Response to Cousins visit

  1. The family resemblance among your relatives is so strong!When we were in California, the kids had a blast playing all day WITHOUT TOYS for TWO WEEKS. Yeah, makes a mama think. And now that we’re back, John is all about asking throughout the day, “So, what are we going to do now?” all bored and floppy-like.

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