Goings on

Soren picked a huge magnolia blossom off the tree. Then he picked off the leaves, one by one. Held up what was left of the poor shorn flower and said, “Look, it’s immodest.”

Speaking of picking, we enjoyed the first fruit of our diminutive (and not very promising) garden within the last few days. I was having a bit of trouble engaging cooperation from my usual helpers (a sure side effect of too much sewing/ not enough interaction, no surprise there really) and it was amazing the turnaround in their attitudes when I told them that whoever did the most work with the best attitude could pick the lone ripe tomato for dinner. Well it was such a close tie that I gave them two jobs; one picked basil and one the tomato, and thankfully both were quite satisfied with their assigment.


Our first home garden salad!


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4 Responses to Goings on

  1. Ebrulf says:

    Hello, Sarah.  Long time no post/comment.  Me, that is.  I just thought I’d say hello for old times’ sake.  I hope this finds you guys doing well.  Looks like a fine Catholic family.  My regards to Dave.Speaking of Dave, would you folks have any idea what that other Dave, namely Daveyh8, is doing these days?  I recall he moved to Massachusetts, where I will shortly be headed as well.  I told him last year I was moving but then had a postponement.  As of now, I’m finally selling my furniture and getting ready to hit the road, and I’d kind of like to make contact with him again.Hopefully, I will be back on Xanga in a bigger way again in a couple of months, for some of that olde-time chit-chat. For now, I’m terribly busy loading my life into the back of a truck and trailer for transport.Until later……Ebrulf (Mike)

  2. @Ebrulf – Mike are you on Facebook? DaveyH8 and co. are all on FB now and that is how we are all staying in touch… they’re expecting a baby any day! 

  3. Ebrulf says:

    @PistachioChocolateWife – No, I’m not.  Not yet, anyway.  But thanks for the message you sent.  That should help until I can set up something on Facebook.

  4. Great comment from Soren! Love it. And very clever use of the contest to pick the lone tomato and basil.

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