So, with their mom making a lot of things from scratch, my kids have gotten the idea that homemade is better, and are quite interested in the processes of milling flour, baking bread, making tortillas; culturing yogurt, kombucha and other live foods; sewing clothes, crocheting our own hats and scarves, etc.

But perhaps their faith in my skills is a little overblown, since I just fielded the question from Jireh, “Mom, can’t we make our own homemade water instead of buying it at the store?”

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7 Responses to Homemade

  1. perelandra30 says:

    Well, what’s the matter with you mom?  That was a vote of confidence if ever I heard one.

  2. Well, you could do what I do–get a pitcher with a filter and “make” your own bottled water.  Do you think that would make her happy?  So cute…

  3. Well, I was actually thinking about getting rain barrels and a filter pitcher. It would be cheaper than distilling and certainly cheaper than buying. Problem with filtering tap water is, it does get out a lot of the chlorine etc but the fluoride stays. 

  4. My kids overestimate my abilities, too. They’ve asked me to make them bicycles, among other things that my sewing machine just isn’t capable of.

  5. I told John we should do rain barrels at the new house.  He brought up passing it with the HOA.  They’ll be the end of me…

  6. Awesome!  I’ll have John take a look and see what he thinks when he gets home!  Those are WAAAAYYY better than the big blue barrels I was thinking about!

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