So, not that any of you will be surprised, but Agnes suddenly decided to get a burst of motivation to potty train herself before her 2nd birthday. She started refusing diapers last week, until she was ready to use one, and then would bring me one to put on her. I started saying “No, just use the toilet” (she has eschewed the potty seat so I just put it away – easier for me anyway!). Yesterday I just put her in underwear, and by today she is almost there. She is doing amazingly well at noticing that she has to go, and often she’ll just go right into the bathroom herself without asking for help, and only let me know when she is ready for her treat (a few raisins).
She has had a few accidents but it’s certainly fewer than diapers I had to change before!
Only 2 days until she turns 2.

Here she is pushing the stool up to the toilet:

And see her expert maneuvers to keep her dress out of the water – she tucks it under her chin.

Yay for self training babies!

I may actually be diaper-free before the next baby comes along.

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2 Responses to Wunderkind

  1. MamaTatiana says:

    I had one who trained herself also – it was Sky, and she was right about Agnes’s age, too!  I can remember her pulling her diaper off to go potty, then she would bring it to me to put back on.  After a while I realized I was keeping her in diapers for no reason, and just started putting underwear on her.  If only all kids would train themselves, it sure would make it easier on Mom, wouldn’t it?  

  2. You go, girl! I’ve been giving Mary nakedy time, a casual form of the EC I’ve been doing since she was three months old. She also mostly eschews the Baby Bjorn potty now and wants the “up potty.” And Elaine’s Bridget started self-training at 16 months, I think, and at 22 months is fully potty trained.

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