Mom, can we make an apple pie?

Usually I answer, “Not today,” or “we don’t have enough apples,” or “I don’t have time.”

But today I thought first. And we did have apples. And time. And hey, it wasn’t going to be for company.

I had some bread dough in the fridge. Makeshift pie crust?

Soren could cut the apples himself.

I’d made cinnamon sugar to use at breakfast time.

Three of the girls were at a friend’s house.

“Sure, son!”

He was so excited.

So, the apples aren’t peeled or even cored.

And there’s probably some dirt or something in it.


But it looks pretty nice.

And anyway, it’s for the kids.

And it’s worth it to hear the gleeful statement, “Mom, I thought we could make an apple pie, and you LISTENED!”

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6 Responses to Mom, can we make an apple pie?

  1. whteroses says:

    You were the best mom in the world today! What a wonderful thing to hear from your son.  And that pie does look mighty good!

  2. Awesome!  Look at that face!   You made memories today, what a blast. 

  3. I’m curious–how did you get the bread dough to remain so thin so that it really looks like a pie crust? Was it regular bread dough made with yeast?  I know how to make bread but my pie crusts aren’t very good.  This recipe looks really good, and I bet it was pretty easy, too, right?

  4. @Amythist_Malaise – The dough is made without yeast, it is kneaded with yogurt or kefir and sits for 24 hours. It rises a good bit both on the counter and in the oven. If you aren’t ready for a loaf after the 24 hrs on the counter you can keep it in the fridge for a week or so before baking. I tried to flatten it – it basically was like making a pizza crust – and then I buttered it. The butter seemed to help keep the shape (it had a tendency to shrink as I rolled it out). That’s all I did, and it wasn’t a flaky pastry-type crust but it worked. it was more like a foldover pie type crust, which kind I believe often uses pizza dough (and contains spinach or apple filling or whatever). 

  5. @PistachioChocolateWife – Can you message me with the bread dough recipe? I love yogurt and it sounds like it would be a good bread to eat.

  6. Oh, how precious! His comment about how you listened melts my heart!

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