Agnes’ first sentence

Agnes will be two in a month and says barely any words at all. She relies on a few key nonsense words (yaya: sock; vvf: shoe; etc) and a lot of vigorous nodding, pointing and inflecting to get her message across.

She’s obviously been of choleric temperament since about 3 months old. (I have heard a saying, “The choleric looks through the bars of his crib and plans when he is going to take over for Mother.” That describes Agnes perfectly.)

Lately she has been cracking us all up by her use of the words “Oh” and “Yah.” She will ask for more food, I’ll point out there is food on her plate, and she’ll look and say “Ooohhh.” At which point the table erupts into giggles.

So, she put on a long dress this morning with pockets and was quite pleased with how she felt in the dress, and had her hands in the pockets walking around. I said “Agnes, you have pockets!” and she said her first full intelligible sentence:

“Yeah, I know.”

Shoulda seen that one coming. Ha!

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3 Responses to Agnes’ first sentence

  1. That’s hilarious!  What a character!

  2. It is truly a choleric’s perfect first sentence. And she will perfect saying, “Yeah, I know” for the rest of her life! What a hoot. By the way, I’m almost positive Mary is a choleric. I’ll email you about why I think so sometime.

  3. Yay! She is so awesome! (She replies, “Yeah, I know.”)

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